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Gain extra protection for your staff, stock and customers through our Shopwatch service.

Our easy-to-use, secure radio link gives you peace of mind through instant contact to all other users and the police.

The existence of a Shopwatch scheme in your area is in itself a deterrent to potential criminals. And if there are criminals in your area you can receive instant advance warnings so they can be identified, tracked and apprehended.

Fast Response

We offer a fast response to threats such as shoplifting and aggressive customers - plus a range of other incidents such as lost children - and we coordinate communications with the relevant emergency services. Our CCTV cameras can also track any offenders and provide video evidence if required.

"Shopwatch certainly makes my job easier," said Motherwell Shopping Centre security officer Gary McDade.

"The Shopwatch radio is a fast and reliable means of communication. A number of Motherwell businesses have signed up to the scheme and the communication link between them helps to build community spirit. This is particularly useful when an incident occurs."

For more information on Shopwatch's low-cost services Contact Us now.