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CCTV Monitoring

TCA Safe is a leading provider of public space CCTV monitoring in North Lanarkshire, with its award-winning control room providing one of the most advanced control systems in Scotland. Working with Police Scotland, with officers routinely working within our Control Room, we already monitor more than 1000 cameras and have the capacity and expertise to handle many more. This reassuring presence curbs crime and antisocial behaviour levels, playing a key role in making communities safer and more pleasant places to live, to work and to visit.

Our cameras are monitored round the clock, 365 days a year and we work closely with the police and local authority partners to detect and prevent crime, covering:

  • 7 town centres
  • 33 housing areas
  • 27 tower blocks
  • 89 low rise housing blocks 
  • 9 recycling and waste centres
  • 33 schools and colleges.

By listening to those on the front line, we constantly strive to develop new ways to prevent and tackle crime on behalf of public or private-sector clients.

"By developing innovative CCTV approaches to tackling crime, TCA and North Lanarkshire Council have undoubtedly improved community safety and reduced crime within North Lanarkshire's communities," said Police Scotland Superintendent Alick Irvine.

"Public space CCTV coverage in North Lanarkshire makes a fundamental contribution to keeping people safe and is an invaluable policing tool, enabling live, real-time intelligence that informs a rapid and appropriate response."

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Video tour of CCTV central monitoring unit

Subject Access Request Form

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, individuals have a right to see CCTV images if they are the subject. To gain access to the images you will be required to fill out a CCTV Subject Access Request Form, pay a £10 fee, prove your identity (and that of any representative acting on your behalf), and supply a letter of authorisation if you use a representative to make the request for you.